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I started off by writing a ridiculously long and boring dialogue between Jim & Spock about Vulcan marriage contracts, and it devolved into a series of shorts.

Most of the marriage contract stuff ended up on the cutting room floor, sadly.
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Taken from [personal profile] theladyscribe's friending meme. Pick a date in December and give me something to talk about. TV, books, movies, fandom, writing, science, publishing, food, travel, fictional characters and all of their feelings, cuddly animals, whatever.

Dec 1:
Dec 2: for [personal profile] vass: what's the news with you? Whatever you feel like sharing about your life in the last year or so.
Dec 3:
Dec 4:
Dec 5: for [personal profile] beatrice_otter: Favorite fandom you've never written for (and why not)
Dec 6: [cannot post this day]
Dec 7:
Dec 8: for [personal profile] beatrice_otter: what do the non-fannish people in your life know about your fannish life.
Dec 9:
Dec 10: for [personal profile] the_rck: One author, living or dead, who you would like to meet and talk to and what you would like to talk to them about.
Dec 11: for [personal profile] brownbetty: Can you talk about a purchase you made and feel good about?
Dec 12: for [personal profile] dine:what are your favourite holiday dishes? (share recipes if you want)
Dec 13:
Dec 14:
Dec 15:
Dec 16: for [personal profile] beatrice_otter: Favorite thing/most interesting thing/idea about Vulcans that you've never used in a story.
Dec 17:
Dec 18:
Dec 19: [cannot post this day]
Dec 20:
Dec 21: for [personal profile] copracat: travel, a place, fictional or real, you'd like to go.
Dec 22:
Dec 23:
Dec 24: [cannot post this day]
Dec 25: [cannot post this day]
Dec 26:
Dec 27: for [personal profile] dine: do you make resolutions? if so, what will be this year's?
Dec 28:
Dec 29:
Dec 30:
Dec 31: for [personal profile] beatrice_otter: plot bunny/trope/fic kink you love but will probably never write and why.
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I'm listening to the TWiB live feed from Ferguson and I'm so tired right now. So I'm going to think about S/H for a bit.

Here's a thing. In "Death in a Different Place", Starsky's mentor is revealed to be a closeted gay man, and Starsky deals with this WAY worse than Hutch. Partly, I mean, Starsky has just lost someone he cared a lot for and was close to and looked up to; he'd be emotionally reeling no matter what -- but even with that taken into account, he seems noticeably more...offput by homosexuality than Hutch is, to my eye.

So why in so much S/H is Starsky the one who is more open and accepting of his desires?
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Posting here for the dayshift:

Title: Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen.
Rating: Explicit
Archive Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Categories:F/M, M/M
Fandom: Captain America (Movies)
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers; James "Bucky" Barnes/Original Female Character
Additional Tags: Pre-Serum Steve Rogers
Language: English
Summary: Bucky Barnes and the Great Sexuality Crisis of 1938.

MCU peeps

Jul. 12th, 2014 09:47 pm
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Would like a second beta/third set of eyes on a story. Pre-serum Steve/Bucky. Currently 5000 words, about 85% of the way to draft.

Comments screened!
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Anyone who feels like it should post their ten most CRUCIAL CRUCIAL CRUCIAL-ASS movies, like the movies that explain everything about yourselves in your current incarnations (not necessarily your ten favorite movies but the ten movies that you, as a person existing currently, feel would help people get to know you) (they can change later on obviously).

1) The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension
2) Cold Comfort Farm
3) Blade Runner




[thinks about it]

4) The Addams Family
5) The Thin Man
6) The Haunting (1963)
7) The Last Unicorn
8) The Dark Crystal
10) The Princess Bride

The first three were obvious and instant. It took me a long time to come up with the rest -- and you could probably replace "The Haunting" with "The Spiral Staircase", "Night of the Hunter", or the original "Psycho" and get much the same information about me.
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This is inspired by a comment on Captain Awkward from someone who didn't care for dogs, but who assumed that dog owners LIKE jumpy dogs and think jumpy dogs are great, and that:

- dog jumps
- owner tells dog not to jump
- jumped-upon person protests it is ok and pets dog, regardless of their personal feelings on the matter

is the proper, polite exchange that you do in this situation.

IT IS NOT. It is really, really not. If you are not a dog person, please, please, don't think this; what is happening is that by trying to be polite, you are actually being rude and doing the opposite of what the dog owner would like. You are making that dog more dangerous (even a nice dog can hurt people badly by jumping on them -- imagine an 80 lb dog jumping on a toddler or a person with frail bones), you are making it harder to train, and as a bonus, you are having to put up with something you don't even LIKE.

Very few dog owners want their dogs to jump on people. I promise you, we don't think it's cute, and we don't think people enjoy it. Most of us want our dogs to be well-behaved and polite; we want them to be safe around all people and around other dogs; we want people who don't particularly like dogs, or are afraid of dogs, to find our dogs calm and unthreatening.

If a non-aggressive* dog jumps on you, the best, politest response is to keep your hands at your sides and turn your shoulder to the dog. Don't speak to the dog if the owner is there and is telling the dog not to jump; if there is no owner there, or the owner is being a dick and not saying anything, you can say "NO" in a deep, serious voice.

Except in the case of the rare, dickish owner, this is what the dog's owner would prefer. You are helping the owner and the dog AND yourself! You are helping all the people the dog will encounter after you! I am not joking not even one little bit.

* If you are attacked by an aggressive dog, try to sacrifice your non-dominant arm. If at all possible, get your non-dominant arm across your body (back, bonier-side out -- remember you have arteries on the soft side!) and into the dog's mouth. You do NOT want an aggressive dog getting your throat, dominant arm, either hand, crotch, face, legs, or feet. Your non-dominant forearm is your best chance for getting out of the situation with wounds that will impact your life as little as possible.
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Geno cornered Sid in the locker room. "The Staals," he said.


"Are robots?"

"What the fuck," Sid said, "you're not supposed to remember--there are--you should've forgotten about that."

"The Staals," Geno said. "Yes or no?"

Sid ground his teeth together, which couldn't possibly be good for his jaw. Geno jabbed a finger into Sid's collarbone to make him stop. "No," Sid said. "And not the Subbans, either. They're just ordinary clones."

"Clones?" Geno didn't know this word, clones. "What are?"

"Don't even tell me Russia doesn't have a clone program," said Sid, shouldering Geno out of the way and stalking off towards the showers.

"What the fuck is clones?" Geno yelled after him, but Sid just flipped him the bird.
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Note: I've been leaving some hockey-related comments in ppl's spaces, & thought maybe I should say -- I'm a slash person, and a hockey person, but not a hockey slash person. I mean, I'm fine with hockey slash, I'm glad people have a fandom they love, I find some pairings amusing or interesting, I do not wish to harsh any buzzes & I'm not gonna freak out about anything, but like -- I grew up in Pittsburgh under the banner of Mario Lemieux, so that's where I am coming from, fannishly, in this space. Just a totally different headspace with a different, but overlapping, set of interests, and so my comments will tend to occur in the overlap.

And now the question. I had an interesting short convo w [personal profile] niqaeli about using the term "real life" or "RL" to mean...yeah see this is where the definition gets tricky, EXACTLY. She feels that using it devalues online friendships, which is 100% correct, I think, but my problem is that there isn't another term for it and so I default to "RL". People use "meatspace" (which I hate and is inaccurate) and "offline" (which I don't hate but which is inaccurate), and what I'm asking is: what word do you use, and why, and do you have any suggestions for me in this arena?

(I guess there's the argument to be made "why distinguish, if they are all friends" but I'm not talking just about friends here, but also there are a bunch of differences even if they ARE all friends. Like, most people reading this call me Laura JV or jacquez or jac, all of which are perfectly fine names, but none of them are my legal name nor are any of them my primary usename; people who know me FROM offline spaces might know I'm "jacquez" -- like, lots of them follow me on Twitter, for example -- but they also know my primary usename because that's what they call me, how we were introduced, etc, and they can ASSUME they know my primary usename. So that's a fairly fundamental difference in how I relate to them -- like, there are plenty of from-online-spaces friends who know my legal name & primary usename, of course there are; I met [personal profile] basingstoke online ffs -- but no one assumes, meeting me in the online spaces I frequent, that they know that information. For me, this is like -- shockingly fundamental to the nature of the relationship. IDK, maybe it shouldn't be and I'm just turning into an old person?)
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This is possibly a long shot, but does anyone happen to have a .zip file (or the unzipped archive, I don't care) of Volume I of Lee Kirkland's "Where the Rainbow Ends"? Volumes II & III I have, but doesn't have Volume I.


Jan. 13th, 2013 10:04 pm
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My reaction to the latest ep was basically "ZOMG JOOOOOOOAAAAAAN".

Apparently I am much more invested in her than I am in Sherlock, in this adaptation, which is interesting; usually it's the other way round.
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Re: adding people. I was going through [personal profile] kouredios's friending meme finding folks (HI PEOPLE) but wow, so many, overwhelming! I'm sure I'll find more people as time goes on.

Re: Sandy Hook. Seriously, my brain just keeps stuttering to a halt. I don't even.

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ALL RIGHT, fellow humans and/or aliens and/or AIs. I am sure some of us won't suit? It is always unreading list/defriending-OK around here; I find it a little sad that has to be said because I tend to assume it. But there you go.

These days I am mostly watching Elementary (characters, I love you. Crime plots, you are not the greatest, but you're getting slightly better) and Beauty & the Beast (which is stealing ALL THE BECHDEL PASSES from all other television, apparently). I also watch a lot of documentaries, QI, and rather too much Dara O'Briain standup.

I used to mostly write slash, and now I mostly write gen (when I have time to write). I am not sure why, but I might blame Highlander fandom, which I love, and which has some of the greatest gen writing around, and characters who can easily bounce from lovers to not to back again over the course of centuries.

On a personal level, I'm a humanist, a skeptic, bi, and a het-married mother of two small kids. I haven't posted much the last year because the younger child was born in January; I'm hoping to improve on that in the coming year. I knit (fairly well), crochet (well), cook (well), and sew (poorly). I dislike squares (the shape, not the personality type). I am attempting to get my act together to apply to grad school because what I really need is another master's degree, amirite?

I abuse parentheses.
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a. persons, please to be seeing kouredios's friending meme if you are in need of friends for conversations on the internet!

b. I re-watched The Last Unicorn recently, and it makes me want to work on Amalthea. The trouble with Amalthea is -- well, there are lots of troubles with it, which is why I've been working on it for almost 10 years now; I just looked; the first outline is from October 2003* -- back up, no one knows what it is anymore -- it's a due South story about Dief, and back to its problem -- the problem is, THE problem, is that the more I work on it, the more I become aware that it is straight-out old-school horror, like The Spiral Staircase or The Haunting and you guys, I don't want anyone to die in this story, but when you have this much bad magic, someone always dies. They must, because that is how it is done, and so that is how you must do it.

* eta: omg, it's older than that; that date is the date of ALL the oldest files I have, which means it's probably the date I switched back to Macs from Windows and transferred all my files.

* * eta2: I found me wittering about it a little in Feb 2002. Good gravy.
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[click click click away on AO3]

me: goddammit, is Person of Interest fiction a fucking wasteland or -- oooh [personal profile] cesperanza.
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Don't you hate it when you are folding laundry (if you fold laundry, but maybe you are in the shower or drinking tea or putting on your shoes instead, I don't know your life) and you think of a cool story idea, but then you think "No, that story idea is so obvious, I'm sure it's been written 20 times already"?

But then you think, "self, how would you even know? You haven't read any post-Reichenbach Sherlock fic, so maybe NO ONE has written it. And frankly, it's a pretty good idea."

But THEN you think, "but if you go and read post-Reichenbach stuff, you'll be all influenced by the fanon, and that might mess up the idea IF INDEED IT IS EVEN ORIGINAL" and after THAT you think "but if it ISN'T original, I want to read all the stories with it because IT IS A FUN IDEA and there has to be AT LEAST one of the stories where it is done well" and then after THAT you are back to "but what if NO ONE HAS WRITTEN IT YOUR HEAD WILL BE FULL OF FANON, SELF" and it's all a vicious cycle.

What I need is a friend who has read all the post-Reichenbach Sherlock fic to tell me if I should write my idea or not, who is also discreet enough not to tell the rest of fandom about my idea. And to whom I do not owe a beta. (Hi, [personal profile] basingstoke...)


Dec. 29th, 2011 10:25 pm
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How much do I love that Ghost Soup Infidel Blue is a thing now?

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I am trying to remember what pro Trek novel had the Spock Manpain Meditation in it, where Spock sits in the dark and listens to terrible news stories about things like orphanages being crushed in earthquakes, and has Manpain over them. This is his actual meditation routine in the novel, I kid you not.

I believe that the Spock in this novel is older -- post-TMP Spock, not TOS-era. Anyone know?

(I am possibly using this Uhura icon because that look on her face is the look I imagine she would have if you told her about the manpain meditation.)

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