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Don't you hate it when you are folding laundry (if you fold laundry, but maybe you are in the shower or drinking tea or putting on your shoes instead, I don't know your life) and you think of a cool story idea, but then you think "No, that story idea is so obvious, I'm sure it's been written 20 times already"?

But then you think, "self, how would you even know? You haven't read any post-Reichenbach Sherlock fic, so maybe NO ONE has written it. And frankly, it's a pretty good idea."

But THEN you think, "but if you go and read post-Reichenbach stuff, you'll be all influenced by the fanon, and that might mess up the idea IF INDEED IT IS EVEN ORIGINAL" and after THAT you think "but if it ISN'T original, I want to read all the stories with it because IT IS A FUN IDEA and there has to be AT LEAST one of the stories where it is done well" and then after THAT you are back to "but what if NO ONE HAS WRITTEN IT YOUR HEAD WILL BE FULL OF FANON, SELF" and it's all a vicious cycle.

What I need is a friend who has read all the post-Reichenbach Sherlock fic to tell me if I should write my idea or not, who is also discreet enough not to tell the rest of fandom about my idea. And to whom I do not owe a beta. (Hi, [personal profile] basingstoke...)
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I'm pretty sure Catherine and Vincent Go To Anthrocon would be funnier, but I can't shake the feeling that I ought to write The One Where Vincent Is The Son Of King Jareth or The One Where Richard Mayhew and The Marquis Hunt The Beast of New York.
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I cannot remember the last time I had a story rolling along at 10K+ words. Of course, this one would have frozen to death by now if not for; I am entertained by my stats page over there (though I don't want to share it; not really sure why but there you go). For example, from today's stats:

Frequently used words:
adler cold don't eyes face hands he held her here him his holmes into john just know lestrade like long looked man me no not segment she she's sherlock sherlock's still thump watson years

"segment" is from all the outline notes that are in there. Overall, the primary concerns of this story, according to the analyses the site uses, are "death" and "relationships".

That's not too far off....


Sep. 25th, 2005 09:35 pm
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So, I am trying to tag all the random fiction and things that I've put in my journal over the past few years.

"fiction" - fiction, humorous short nuggets, commentary, etc.
"recs" - for fanfiction, and other things
"movies" - reviews, squee, etc.
"tv" - tv commentary & whatnot
"books" - yay books
"snark" - also boojums

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