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Don't you hate it when you are folding laundry (if you fold laundry, but maybe you are in the shower or drinking tea or putting on your shoes instead, I don't know your life) and you think of a cool story idea, but then you think "No, that story idea is so obvious, I'm sure it's been written 20 times already"?

But then you think, "self, how would you even know? You haven't read any post-Reichenbach Sherlock fic, so maybe NO ONE has written it. And frankly, it's a pretty good idea."

But THEN you think, "but if you go and read post-Reichenbach stuff, you'll be all influenced by the fanon, and that might mess up the idea IF INDEED IT IS EVEN ORIGINAL" and after THAT you think "but if it ISN'T original, I want to read all the stories with it because IT IS A FUN IDEA and there has to be AT LEAST one of the stories where it is done well" and then after THAT you are back to "but what if NO ONE HAS WRITTEN IT YOUR HEAD WILL BE FULL OF FANON, SELF" and it's all a vicious cycle.

What I need is a friend who has read all the post-Reichenbach Sherlock fic to tell me if I should write my idea or not, who is also discreet enough not to tell the rest of fandom about my idea. And to whom I do not owe a beta. (Hi, [personal profile] basingstoke...)
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Title: The House That Was
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Warnings: Choose not to warn.
Rating: F is for Funeral
Notes: Written for "The Case of the Underground" at [community profile] sherlock_flashfic.

The House That Was, at AO3.

Eh hehehe

Feb. 25th, 2011 05:23 pm
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[personal profile] basingstoke, upon learning of my deep love of Sherlock marriage-of-convenience stories, wrote me one.

Bells are Ringing. Mycroft's gone and made Sherlock French, for no-doubt nefarious reasons.
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See master post for headers & chapter links

These end notes contain spoilers for the story "Contamination".

End notes )
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Title: Contamination
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Warnings: Choose not to warn.
Rating: 15+
Wordcount: ~17,000
Summary: In which an artistic murder draws Irene Adler and her brother Nathan into the lives of Lestrade and Holmes, and Dr John Watson balances his morals against the happiness that is a warm gun.
Other locations: AO3 (no warnings) // [ profile] sherlockbbc header post (with warnings)

Heartfelt thank-yous to the following people:
[personal profile] basingstoke, without whose support and thoughtful contributions this story would be an unfinished blob of text;
[personal profile] beatrice_otter, who found a major characterization problem and helped me think of ways to fix it;
[personal profile] ngaio, for the thorough Britpick & beta, including a lot of class information that informs John's character;
and [personal profile] mandragora, who went above and beyond the call of duty and generously gave of her limited time to school me on British legal and police procedures. In the process, she corrected some severe errors at the outline stage, and saved me much heartache and grief.

Without their help, this story would have died on the vine.

Index: 1. Something is going to be horrid // 2. And the rain sets in // 3. Your shadow on my wall // 4. The voyeur of utter destruction // 5. A small plot of land // Epilogue: Toll the bell // End notes
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I have a long (currently about 13,000 words) Sherlock story that is nearly at draft. I have a beta and some Brit-betas, but I feel like it could use another set of eyes on it, completely fresh, once it reaches the draft stage.

I am particularly interested in someone with an eye for continuity and plot flow, since I don't often write anything of this length. If interested, drop me a line!

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I've seen bits in...more than one Sherlock story to the effect that John has the wrong build for rugby, so I thought I'd, he doesn't. Really! I know a lot of people think it's all huge people hitting each other, but it's not.

I'm an ex-rugby player, and if a man John's size and shape told me he'd played, my reaction would assuredly not be "pull the other one". John (well, Martin Freeman) is 5'7". That's Peter Stringer's height, and Stringer played for Ireland! There are a number of pro players who come in at 5'5" or 5'6".

The smallest male rugby player I've ever met is about 5'4" and probably around 150 lbs. He played hooker, and was extremely small for that position, but his quick foot was much more important than his lack of size.

Point is, there's not a particular build that works or doesn't work for rugby, and Sherlock's version of John Watson is well within the (very large) range of builds that do.

Also! If you are a Sherlock writer who is putting some rugby bits into your story, feel free to ask me to take a look. I played rugby union, both pre- and post- the 2007 rules changes.
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Sorry, John & Sherlock.
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I cannot remember the last time I had a story rolling along at 10K+ words. Of course, this one would have frozen to death by now if not for; I am entertained by my stats page over there (though I don't want to share it; not really sure why but there you go). For example, from today's stats:

Frequently used words:
adler cold don't eyes face hands he held her here him his holmes into john just know lestrade like long looked man me no not segment she she's sherlock sherlock's still thump watson years

"segment" is from all the outline notes that are in there. Overall, the primary concerns of this story, according to the analyses the site uses, are "death" and "relationships".

That's not too far off....
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Title: Nine Cigarettes
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Warnings: Choose not to warn.
Rating: 13+
Summary: How Sherlock Holmes acquired a number of Lestrade's cigarettes.
Other locations: AO3

Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] basingstoke for the beta, and [personal profile] mandragora for the Britpick & beta. Any remaining mistakes are mine alone.

Nine Cigarettes )
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[personal profile] movies_michelle was talking about Sherlock (check out the post, there are some awesome fic recs in it!!), and reminded me of something [personal profile] beatrice_otter said about Sherlock not having an autism spectrum disorder, so I went to look up that post while my kid was napping and it was about something else, really, but it did remind me of a book I got on [personal profile] beatrice_otter's recommendation -- So Odd A Mixture-- which contains a really good overview of autism spectrum disorders for laypersons. So I looked that up, too. And then my response got really long and obnoxious, so I moved it over here.

Sherlock certainly has things that could be superficially viewed as Asperger's, but what strikes me about the portrayal (and about the character in general, from Doyle onwards) is that -- ok, so I think, when most people think about the Sherlock portrayal as one of Asperger's, they are thinking of what [personal profile] movies_michelle talks about: "social isolation, acute focus on specific things at a time, and inability to socialize on what is generally considered a normal level". While those certainly exist (in all versions of the character, I think), they exist in plenty of people who don't have Asperger's, too, but have completely different issues, or no diagnosable issues at all. It's *how* those things fit into something that makes them an autism spectrum disorder.

Anyway, "So Odd a Mixture" has a handy-dandy list of 9 areas of difficulty that you tend to see, to one degree or another, in people on the autism spectrum: theory of mind (understanding that others think differently from oneself, understanding motives of others, etc), central coherence (understanding what details are important and how they impact the whole), executive function (complex planning), cognitive shifting (ability to shift focus), language processing, dyspraxia (motor impairments), awareness of the unwritten rules of conversation, interpretaton of non-verbal cues from facial expression and gestures, and sensory sensitivities.

Of those, I can only really see Sherlock (in any incarnation, not just this one) of having issues with cognitive shifting (he tends to focus intently and may not pay attention to peripheral information, though "The Great Game" in BBC Sherlock might argue against difficulty in this area for that particular version of Sherlock Holmes) and sensory sensitivities (it's certainly one plausible explanation for the character's ongoing physical disdain for women, though of course homosexuality or asexuality are alternate explanations).

Of the others -- if he had serious difficulties in any of them, he couldn't do what he does. What he does displays a deep, well-managed, coherent understanding of human motivations and of how details impact the whole.

He's bad with certain emotions (not understanding how someone could still be upset about a death that occurred years ago), but he does understand emotions in general. Even if he doesn't experience certain emotions himself, which he might not, he is clearly aware that other people have them and what effects different emotions might be expected to have upon those people's behavior.

Mostly, how he reads to me is as a bright, callous individual who really doesn't care much about other people. He does not read to me as a sociopath, though sociopathy I'm more willing to buy for the length of a story than I am an autism spectrum disorder.
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John's gun?

Not a revolver.

Your attention to this detail is appreciated.



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