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Call me: Laura or Jac; she (or they).

Other things I've been known as (that I'm willing to share): Laura. and Jac. and LJV. Briefly wrote HP as "Rapparee" but only wrote a few stories as that.

A bit about my nonfannish life: I live in a medium-sized city with an absurdly good museum system, with my spouse, children, and pets. I'm a gardener, and I'm mostly focused on permaculture/agroecology and growing edibles in urban spaces. I'm currently enrolled in my state extension's Master Gardener program.

A bit about my fannish life: Right now, I'm mostly into MCU stuff, especially things having to do with Natasha or Bucky.

Things I'm super-enthusiastic about: food forests. medium-sized domesticated carnivores. cooking.

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Date: 2015-01-06 01:02 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] resonant
See, I knew I was going to learn things I didn't know; I had no idea you were a gardener! I'm seeing a lot of intersections between gardening and urban planning that you didn't used to read about -- green alleys, rooftop gardens to control runoff and erosion, etc. It's a fascinating field, and I'd love to read anything you'd care to write about it.

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