Nov. 19th, 2014

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Taken from [personal profile] theladyscribe's friending meme. Pick a date in December and give me something to talk about. TV, books, movies, fandom, writing, science, publishing, food, travel, fictional characters and all of their feelings, cuddly animals, whatever.

Dec 1:
Dec 2: for [personal profile] vass: what's the news with you? Whatever you feel like sharing about your life in the last year or so.
Dec 3:
Dec 4:
Dec 5: for [personal profile] beatrice_otter: Favorite fandom you've never written for (and why not)
Dec 6: [cannot post this day]
Dec 7:
Dec 8: for [personal profile] beatrice_otter: what do the non-fannish people in your life know about your fannish life.
Dec 9:
Dec 10: for [personal profile] the_rck: One author, living or dead, who you would like to meet and talk to and what you would like to talk to them about.
Dec 11: for [personal profile] brownbetty: Can you talk about a purchase you made and feel good about?
Dec 12: for [personal profile] dine:what are your favourite holiday dishes? (share recipes if you want)
Dec 13:
Dec 14:
Dec 15:
Dec 16: for [personal profile] beatrice_otter: Favorite thing/most interesting thing/idea about Vulcans that you've never used in a story.
Dec 17:
Dec 18:
Dec 19: [cannot post this day]
Dec 20:
Dec 21: for [personal profile] copracat: travel, a place, fictional or real, you'd like to go.
Dec 22:
Dec 23:
Dec 24: [cannot post this day]
Dec 25: [cannot post this day]
Dec 26:
Dec 27: for [personal profile] dine: do you make resolutions? if so, what will be this year's?
Dec 28:
Dec 29:
Dec 30:
Dec 31: for [personal profile] beatrice_otter: plot bunny/trope/fic kink you love but will probably never write and why.

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