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Dec 31: for [personal profile] beatrice_otter: plot bunny/trope/fic kink you love but will probably never write and why.

There are a few of these.

One of them is marriage of convenience, which is nearly* a bulletproof fic kink for me. I haven't yet found a fandom I don't love this trope in, but I also have never found a fandom where I've managed to think of how to do it. I think usually because it works best in AU situations, and AUs aren't where I tend to go, as a writer; I like working within the canon too much (and, in fact, I have trouble working in open canons where I can be Jossed, because that will often kill my creativity). Related tropes like arranged marriage I *can* see myself writing (I mean, Vulcans, right), but where would a marriage of convenience even fit in with most fandoms? It doesn't, except of course OTHER people seem to be able to do it just fine...

Another is A/B/O universes, but I very specifically only like ones that have some serious worldbuilding and trope inversion. I find mainline A/B/O squicky and rife with creepyweird romanticization of consent issues, and so I only discovered I liked the trope handled well when it was combined with a marriage of convenience (see? bulletproof) by a writer I already trusted. This one I'll probably never write because, again, the AU thing, but also because what I really WANT to write is a completely gen version of an A/B/O universe and I cannot figure out how to do it, because of the nature of the trope. I've tried a few times and the worldbuilding always kind of falls apart. If I ever figure that out, I will probably write it.

* I say nearly because while I'll start reading just about anything in any of my fandoms labeled MoC, I will bail for the usual culprits of bad writing and bad characterization.
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