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for [personal profile] beatrice_otter: what do the non-fannish people in your life know about your fannish life.

I think most non-fannish people in my life know that I write fanfic, though I haven't taken a survey or anything. I don't hide it, or the name I write under, and I know some of my high school & university friends have read fanfic (mine or otherwise) and some have written it (some of which I've read and some I haven't). I know my mother knows, and I think all my siblings, but even if they didn't it's not like being a giant nerd is out of character for my family in any case. I know many of my former coworkers know, & at least one of my former bosses. A number of my spouse's coworkers know. The security & abuse team at my old workplace, because I had some troll/internet stalker issues at one point and made sure they knew about it. There's a group of non-fannish friends that I chat with regularly (Jabber room) and I often send along links to fanfic I think they'll enjoy -- Yuletide gems especially; that group contains an ex-boyfriend and his wife, several former coworkers, a woman I was a bridesmaid for, some professional associates of a friend, my husband, his best friend, random alumni of my alma mater who know someone in the group somehow or other. My Twitter account is a giant mishmash of fannish and non-fannish stuff, so anyone who follows me -- lots of non-fannish folks including people like my kids' babysitter -- knows probably as much about my fannish life as most people in fandom.

I mean, I know that I'm lucky in that I have never particularly had to care who knew and who didn't, or hide anything about what I am doing. I mean, obviously I'd prefer it if no one ever sent my mom my more sexual fiction, but if they do I know all she'll do is roll her eyes and close the window. I know that's not a luxury everyone has.

I should mention, Maxim once had an article making fun of fanfic in it, and they quoted one of my sillier pieces of juvenalia in it, with links & iirc my legal name. The cat was already out of the bag by then, which means I was mostly just entertained, but you know -- hard to keep a secret after that.
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