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Aug. 21st, 2017 06:27 pm
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Tonight's dinner is vaguely adapted from Mario Batali, and it's simple and tasty and should feed me for several days, so I'm saving the recipe here.

If you keep kosher and do not regard chicken as pareve, or if you don't do dairy, you won't want to add the goat cheese. (In that case you might add some olive oil, for mixing purposes.) And if you are gluten-free, you'll want to use gf pasta. But aside from those things, this recipe ought to work for most folks, I think, assuming that you eat pasta in the first place. Clean-up is also easy: one skillet, one pasta pot.

Pasta with broccolini, chicken sausage, and goat cheese )


Aug. 21st, 2017 05:05 pm
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1. My friends. Even those whom I don't get to see often enough.

2. The place where I live, which is mine, and is filled with art and photographs and things that are meaningful to me.

3. The glorious green world. I always want summer to last forever, and it won't, but I'm doing my best to enjoy it while it's here.

4. I got to take two and a half days of vacation last week, and they were really lovely.

5. There is rosé chilling in my fridge even now. :-)

How are y'all?

Partial Eclipse

Aug. 21st, 2017 04:57 pm
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I took this photo at 3:53pm today:

From my house, this is as covered as the sun got during the solar eclipse. My dad has a special sun filter that he uses for surveying, so I took a bunch of video and pics during the event today. Though not a total eclipse, it was really cool to look up in the sky and see this in real time. :)

It eclipsed!

Aug. 21st, 2017 03:58 pm
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We had an 85% eclipse, which means it got a little darker and the birds weren't singing though the insects were -- nothing shuts up a cricket. I have some phone photos of the light coming through the leaves in crescents on the sidewalks. And then it poured rain for ... 10 minutes? And the sun came out again, starting to strengthen. So, not the biggest deal -- but we were out on the front steps with our homemade cereal box viewers and so on, and the neighbors on either side came over and hung out and watched it with us, which was very cool.
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You know, if I had known that viewing the eclipse via the selfie camera was okay, I might have done that rather than watched it via the NASA livestream on youtube, but I only just found that out. Boss3 got a cool picture that way.

Anyway, we had it set up on a screen here in the conference room, so people could wander in and out, rather than having 400 people trying to stream it individually. I was outside in the beginning of it, but it didn't seem to be getting darker or anything (we didn't get the totality here), and I had no glasses or pinhole viewer, so I just came back inside and ate my bagel.

The only real downside is that I have had "Total Eclipse of the Heart" in my head for at least a week. Even listening it to a few times hasn't cured the damn earworm. That video remains super creepy.

In other news, last night, I finally watched Lego Batman, which I enjoyed quite a bit. I'm always a sucker for Bruce learning to be a good Batdad to his Batkid(s). The one thing I didn't care for was the Bruce/Babs insinuations, but at least she didn't seem into it, so that was fine. (Also, yay for Rosario Dawson, bridging that MCU/DCU divide!)


Four Items Become A Compilation Post

Aug. 21st, 2017 01:56 pm
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1, Brian Aldiss passed away in his sleep, after celebrating his 92nd birthday. May he rest in peace. He wrote “more than 80 books and was editor of 40 anthologies.”

Unfortunately, I have never read anything of his. I have always meant to read Frankenstein Unbound, since I enjoyed the 1990 adaptation. So I’ll have to try to do that sometime soon. He also wrote Dracula Unbound, which I was never certain about reading, having not heard the best reviews--but it’s on my list, too, now.

2. Today is Fanfic Writers’ Appreciation Day.

3. [personal profile] wyld_dandelyon is doing a tarot card reading, and the first card is free.

4. Whedonesque is shutting down after 15 years. I think I’ve followed that site via feed (first on LJ, and then here on Dreamwidth via [syndicated profile] whedonesque_feed; I’ll unsubscribe to it shortly) for at least a decade, if not longer.

Were it not for the Buffyverse, I never would have ventured into writing, in both fanfic and RPG's (I think Willow was the first character I wrote for in any RPG).

Beach | Eclipse | The Defenders

Aug. 21st, 2017 09:41 am
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  1. Beach

    Since my mom's abroad right now, I took my dad to the beach this weekend, with a couple other relatives for company. Saturday was a wonderful, sunny day, driving through the rainforest mountain. I was a bit worried during the week, since a tropical storm was headed to the Caribbean and there'd been a landslide on road along the coastline. But luckily, the storm missed us entirely and went further north. Also the effects of the landslide were mostly taken care of, so the road was clear.

    Here's a pic I took on Saturday, of the view from the house. As you can see, we got lovely, clear skies.

    And at nightfall it was just amazing to see thousands of stars per square inch in the sky. I mean, I know they're always there, but where I live we never see them all, due to the bright lights.

    On Sunday, the weather was a bit more overcast, but it was nice being warm and dry, while still having that lovely view despite the rain. I did a little bit of sketching of the rain falling on the deck. It was oddly mesmerizing watching the raindrops making circular patterns in the pool.

    Pencil Sketch: Raindrops )

    Glad the skies cleared up in the afternoon for the long drive in our return journey back home. Here's one more pic of the coastline on that part of the island. Gorgeous as usual. *___* Photo )

  2. Eclipse

    Hey, I hear there's gonna be a complete solar eclipse over the U.S. today. I think here in the Caribbean we'll be able to see a partial eclipse at around 2:30pm, a few hours from now. So I'm looking forward to that. :)

  3. The Defenders

    EEE! I didn't realised the series came out over the weekend. I see everyone on Tumblr and DW seems to have seen in. EVen my own *brother* has seen it. Where was I? At the beach. lol. Need to watch before I get spoiled somehow. /o\
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    Posted in full at: http://ift.tt/2fWV40z on August 20, 2017 at 08:19PM

    Mysteries of the Force http://ift.tt/2x4mCVM

    Tags:IFTTT, Fauxthentic History, DWCrosspost

    Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)

    What I’m writing, 8/20

    Aug. 21st, 2017 02:23 am
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    …Some weeks just not starting more ginormous WIPs is the real success, okay? I expended a lot of focus on absolutely positively not starting SEVERAL things this week (and… yep, that is definitely the only thing that was using up brain processing cycles this week at an unusual rate, YEP, TOTALLY).


    WIPs currently active: 5, because I bumped All Eternals Deck #2 off the list until I figure out what happens after the beginning.

    Words written this week: 4,041

    WIPs that got no words this week: 0

    WIPs that did get words this week:

    Codename: Aluminum Bastard (aka broken dick epic): 883, and I started writing Chapter 47 and then abruptly discovered where the floating point on the outline labeled [particular sex act redacted]? should go in the story, so. Whee!

    Born in the Blood: 276, chugging along toward [more sex acts redacted]!!

    Slavefic #6: 104. Okay, that looks bad? I’m at the point where I outlined things for this part of the series literally almost two years ago and now have to figure out how to hook them up with the stories that I’ve actually written, so there’s a bit of frantically-jury-rigging-a-round-CO2-filter-from-square-components going on. Hopefully none of which will be apparent from the end result. :)

    Wildly Unmanageable Ace!Bitty Longfic: 661

    Jack/Bitty angsty happy ending kidfic: 2,117

    from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2x4lly5
    via IFTTT

    (no subject)

    Aug. 20th, 2017 09:47 pm
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    I'm trying to remember what I did yesterday, and my mind is going blank. Let's see... We made a trip out to Plum Market in the evening because Cordelia really, really wanted to. Scott and Cordelia made turkey meatballs that came out reasonably well.

    This morning, I woke up to find that I'd reached 90 days on holding a portal in Ingress. That's a badge increment. The next one is at 150 days and is highly unlikely. Of course, getting to 90 days surprised me. The Guardian badge is one of those that one can only hope will happen. I capture portals and keep recharging them as long as I still own them. Before this, the longest I'd held anything was 85 days (and I was cranky when that one went down because I'd started thinking it would last).

    Scott had both days off this weekend. He's expecting to work next weekend but says he should be able to make sure he works Sunday. Saturday is a big Ingress event, called an Anomaly, here in Ann Arbor, and we've signed up for it as it's likely to be our only opportunity to participate in such a thing. I'm a little worried about my ability to participate fully since it's about four hours of constant walking. I specifically told them that I'm only good for an hour and that at a slow pace. I guess we'll see.

    The hard part is trying to get the suggested in-game equipment for the Anomaly. A couple of local people who play a lot more than we do are helping us, but there's also the problem of what to do with the stuff we want to keep that we won't have room for.

    Yesterday, our kitchen sink backed up. Scott spent a good bit of time getting it unclogged. He's a little freaked because he can't explain what he found which was a flaky, black build up rather than a wad of grease or something similar. He couldn't identify the substance at all. At least we can now run the dishwasher.

    Tomorrow's going to be busy. Cordelia's high school registration will happen in the afternoon, and I need to make sure we get there on time. Cordelia's decidedly unenthusiastic about the whole thing.

    Change: 8.20.

    Aug. 20th, 2017 08:14 am
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    Miracle Morning has something called SAVERS.  Savers is an acronym meaning
    • Silence can include things like meditation, deep breathing, prayer, reflection, gratitude, etc and is generally about 10-15 minutes long on average.
    • Affirmations are what they are, tap into your emotions, revise as needed, say aloud.
    • Visualization is creative visualization or mental rehearsal.  For me, this is like mediation take 2, because I do focused visualization in this block of time. 
    • Exercise can be going for a walk, doing yoga, Pilates, a run, biking, anything that gets the heart pumping.
    • Reading 2-10 pages or I just read for 5 to 10 minutes, maybe 15 depending on time.
    • Scribing or Journaling is pretty self explanatory. 
    I would have to say that this has helped me immensely lately.  Mainly it allows me the opportunity to put my best foot forward, even as I am creating something new.  The opportunity to do a Meditation in the morning helps me greatly.  My Meditation may be 15 minutes, plus another 10-15 for visualization.   I also enjoy doing the visualizations, because it's giving me ideas on how I am changing things as a I go forward, and what I am creating going forward as well.  How I want my business to go, where I am going for my home.  What I see myself doing in my new home, etc.  Also through visualization I see during the day gives me more insights on what is cooking in my psych.  The affirmations are helping especially as say them before bed, because it helps me get up without hitting that snooze.  I usually do the exercise after my Miracle Morning, as I bike to work (which about a week a go I rolled my right ankle, and landed on my left knee, so not riding right now).  I read for about 5-10 minutes (I set an alarm, because like with mediation and visualization, I may run over).   And I do journaling at the end in my written journal.  This may include my Dear Universe (which includes my morning gratitude as well as my intentions for the day), and my oracle draw for the day. 

    To say that it's helping would be an understatement, because it's doing more than that as I go forward.  It's helping me build confidence, and gives me a set of accomplishments in the morning before I even leave the house.  Plus what I do before I sleep.  Which is write down what came to mind during the day.  Ideas, situations, experiences during the day, they go in this slot.  I may do a little more reading.  If I am not too tired, I'll do a 2nd meditation.  It's all how it works for you, and how you would like for it to work for you.

    I am Grateful: 8.20.2017

    Aug. 20th, 2017 07:52 am
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    Is everybody ready for the big show tomorrow? 

    I count from the time I do my grateful moments to now a day.  So including what happen before I went to bed last night, I had a very productive and exciting day.  I was in the middle of a mini rant, when the power went out (probably a sign).  There was this loud bang, and no power.  Then there's a group of random strangers walking around going "what?".  Apparently a couple power lines below ground had a fit, and things went boom.  The techs came out, and one of them was like saying there are probably going to be more explosions, and I was like "you promise", and he said he would be more comfy if we were further away from the action.  promises, promises. 

    I am grateful for and love my father.  He keeps me well supplied in the event of an emergency.  Like LED flash lights. *thumbs up*

    I am grateful for and love lazy Sunday mornings.  I slept till 1030am this morning.  It was grand.  I loved it.  I did my Miracle Morning, and went grocery shopping, got some gas, and came home. 

    I am grateful for and love Meditation.  Awesome Guides, Angels, Gods and Goddesses all come to visit, it's always a learning experience, or more guidance, because well I'm learning.

    I am grateful for and love the fact that I have the house to myself.  Really it's awesome.   I have the cats, and the I can do things with out being interrupted...most of the time (because you know, cats).

    I am grateful for and love that I chose not to go to the Festival today.   It's the first day of heavy flow on Moon Called week aka Shark Week, take your pick.

    (no subject)

    Aug. 20th, 2017 07:35 pm
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    The spouse reconnected with his former therapist via Facebook instant messaging this weekend. They got to talking about current events.

    "I counseled a member of a neo-Nazi group once," the therapist said.

    "Did you learn anything useful about the movement?"

    "This particular fellow was a victim of childhood sexual abuse. I think that was the root of his rage," the therapist said.

    It makes me wonder how things would be different if American mental health care were in better shape.

    after long silence

    Aug. 20th, 2017 07:50 pm
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    The thing about not posting for a long time is, it makes it seem ever harder to post something again.

    The thing -- well, a thing -- about the state of my native country is, it makes almost anything I could post about my day-to-day life seem picayune.

    But my life is my life, and I live it day to day, and that, especially fannish aspects thereof, is what I generally write about here. So I'm going to try to do so again.

    I went to VividCon, and it was great )

    My lay chaplaincy had a sort of epilogue today )

    Kayaking continues to be tremendous fun! )

    My cat is hanging on, amazing our vet )

    And we have another big trip coming up! )

    thoughts (somewhat spoilery) on fannish TV: Orphan Black, Sense8, The Handmaid's Tale )

    Aside from all this, I'm reading lots of light fanfic, lots of heavy stuff on Twitter (although I don't post much there either), and the occasional book. And now I'm going to wrap up this enormous post and go lie on the couch. My evening plan!

    The Defenders

    Aug. 20th, 2017 03:31 pm
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    Well, I didn't hate it. There were a couple things I liked? But mostly I came away from this needing some fic where Falcon and Luke Cage run across each other in Harlem and have coffee and admire each other's muscles. Or maybe a fic where the Winter Soldier and Black Sky fight to a draw, make out a little, and commiserate about being amnesiacs with annoying fight-loving do-gooder boyfriends who won't give up on them, and then go their separate ways. Is that too much to ask?? *checks AO3* Yep, it's too much to ask.

    Defenders, the good and the bad )

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