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for [personal profile] vass: what's the news with you? Whatever you feel like sharing about your life in the last year or so.

The last year's been a time of transition for me, in a lot of ways. I've taken my first steps towards finding a new career -- shaky and uncertain as those may be -- and I've developed some new friendships. My hands are in the earth a lot more. I have a permaculture design certification now, and I'm going through my state extension's master gardener program. My first two permaculture projects are both on my own property -- an edible garden (designed, in progress) and a rain garden (designed, not yet in progress). Water on our property is a big issue -- everything on the lot drains to a single spot, which has a 4" diameter drain. For a lot ~8000 sq ft, 1/3 of which is house and 1/3 of which is concrete. Let's not talk about how I want to find the person who designed this and poke them with a sharp stick.

My son is now 5, and he spent much of the past year ill. In the spring, he had a major personality change that was terrifying, but it resulted in him finally getting a diagnosis and treatment; he had surgery in early October to permanently correct the problem. It's been such a relief. His growth is now back on the charts, his behavior is back to usual, he's no longer in severe, unrelenting pain, and he can eat without getting sick. "Adenoids" sounds so minor, doesn't it? It's not.

My daughter will be 3 next month, and she loves Spider-Man and school, in approximately that order.

Still battling my own brain chemistry. A while ago it took a lot of the pleasure out of running in public for me, so we're investing in a treadmill -- both for winter exercise, and for those times when going out is going to be a horrorshow.
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